Welcome To Maa Durgavati Public School
Maa Durgavati Public School is to cater the educational needs of the children. it is a co-ed institiute with English as the medium of instruction.The school believes in providing holistic education not only in theory but in practice also.

We want our children to imbibe moral values in life. At present the rapid changes in technology and accelerated pace of privatisation and liberalisation created a new sense of uncertainity about the future of society. Thus education should respond meaningfully and effectively to address the crucial academic burning issues. Maa Durgavati Public School in its efforts is providing need-based quality education to the blossoming knowledge which has decided to equip the children will pragmatic skills so that they can face the future with renewed confidence and matchless courage. The president of school is always nurturing the institute keeping sight and presenting all the facilities with help of management committee...
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Update Date : 14/02/2019
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From The Desk of Manager
With great pleasure I introduce you to Maa Durgavati Public School. We have started this school with a mission that goes beyond mere textbook education. Through this school, we aim to prepare students for their future in every manner possible encompassing intellectual, moral, physical and spiritual development.

During my life both as a professional and as a business leader, I felt a deep sense of loss looking at people who achieved less than they could have in life , just because of lack of skills that they could’ve development during their schooldays . It’ that children can learn much more than what they are being taught at schools today...
Mission Of Maa Durgavati Public School
To Provide an outstanding intellectual, spiritual and physical education, combining tradition with the best of the present, which prepares gifted students for their future.

To foster a culture of developing a spirit of enquiry and curiosity. though inspirational and responsive teaching.

To provide a structure of individual pastoral care that promotes a child's independence, whilst fostering respect , tolerance, kindness and service.

To develop and maintain the school's facilities of MDPS sustains the excellence of its education.