Manager's Desk

With great pleasure I introduce you to Maa Durgavati Public School. We have started this school with a mission that goes beyond mere textbook education. Through this school, we aim to prepare students for their future in every manner possible encompassing intellectual, moral, physical and spiritual development.

During my life both as a professional and as a business leader, I felt a deep sense of loss looking at people who achieved less than they could have in life , just because of lack of skills that they could’ve development during their schooldays . It’ that children can learn much more than what they are being taught at schools today , but they in fact are willing to learn much more , provided the inputs are given in a structured manner that stokes their natural sense of curiosity and willingness to learn . It is this mission that school that the school has come into existence with, i.e. bring out the best in every student and enable them to achieve great success in life as per their full potential.