Principal's Desk

Dear Parents/Guardian,

Through this student's diary.I wish to share with you some thoughts and to seek your assistance through interactive communication,.to provide to you ward a meaningful and qualitative education.

Times are changing at such an accelerated pace that we face increasing challenges coming up for the new generation.In this difficult environment with emphasis on all round development of their minds and skills with a value orientatio.This invloves developing them as physically fit mentally enterprising and spiritually aware of their duties as citizens of a great country.

Additionaly the schoolaims at instilling in the students a mission of national integartion pride in the country's rich and multi faceted cultural heritage,a compassion for the less privileged and a concern for the environment of our planet.

To achieve these difficult objectives the school endeavours through concerted effort on the part of the management,staff and students,seeks the support of parents to create a four fold venture aiming at optimum without elitism and a quiet grace.

While wishing all the students a very happy academic year,we in the MDPS look forward to a session of participative interaction with parents aimed at the shared objective of the greater good of the rising generation.